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Newsletter – Fall 2016

Dear Woodlover We are looking forward to Fall and Woodworking season.  When those Maple leaves start turning to glowing orange, red and gold, I know

Newsletter – Spring 2016

Newsletter – Spring 2016   Spring brings stunning figured woods!   We are awed by our first shipment of Black and White Ebony from Laos. 

Newsletter – November 2015

Newsletter November  2015 Advance warning – As from December 3 until January 26, we will be in South Africa attending to our operation there.  However,

Newsletter – July 2015

  Dear Woodlover   After the brutal Maine winter, we were delighted to get to some remote spots in our warehouses and unearth wonderful treasures

Newsletter – September 2014

  Dear Woodlover “Prepare to meet thy maker?… or hopefully furniture makers!”       Nothing prepared me for a diagnosis of the ” Big C” early

Our showroom

Good showrooms can give people ideas and the stimulus to begin that project they have been dreaming about.  Unfortunately they can also cost a lot!

Que pasa: Why Mexico, Maine?

Many woodworkers are surprised to find a “full house” exotic wood dealer in Mexico, Maine. 500,000 bd ft of exotic hardwoods 180 species displayed in

Home is where the (Purple)heart is!

One of nature’s unusual masterpieces, Purpleheart (Peltogyne) is a true stunner. It comes mainly from Guiana, but also from various other South American countries. Its

Amazing Crotch Mahogany

We have in stock approximately 5000 ft of the most unique mahogany anywhere in the world. This is genuine mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla) from the Amazonian

Lie Nielsen Open House (16-17 July 2010)

Recently we had a fantastic opportunity to participate in one of Lie-Nielsen’s great Open House events.  We are very fortunate in that Lie-Nielsen, the world’s

Wedding of the century

Nope, not Chelsea Clinton. My son Seamus and his beautiful wife Lucy were married in Surrey, England, this last weekend. It was a magical day

Rack and roll!

In South Africa where we had cheap wood and cheap and plentiful labor (as a result of a heart-breaking 65% unemployment rate) we built solid

Live and let dry?

Our South African operation runs 23 low temperature dehumidification kilns to dry wood. They work well for most 1 inch wood but get a bit

Mother lode of antique tools

Some people call them hoarders – in Maine we call them traders! Everyone is forever having yard sales, porch sales or garage sales and Craigslist

Waiting for our sawmill

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I have a local friend who has hit rough times. With the banks and repo men chasing him

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