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Newsletter – November 2015

Advance warning - As from December 3 until January 26, we will be in South Africa attending to our operation there.  However, during this time we will have a skeleton staff to meet your needs and open up by appointment only.   Please email or call Harry Powers on 207-364-1073 to schedule your visit to our exciting facility.
All email enquiries for more information will be responded to as normal.

Now to get down to the exciting stuff - the woods we are profiling in this newsletter.  We have a bit of something old…... and something new, to tempt your woodworking skills!


Rustic Woods

We have just received some rustic grade 4/4 Butternut and ¾ Black Walnut.  These, together with Wild Olive and Santos Rosewood, offer wonderful opportunities for those with artistic flair  – often times natural is special.
  • Butternut:                  only $2.20 / bd ft
  • ¾ Black Walnut:        only $3.50 / bd ft
  • Santos Rosewood:     only $9.00 / bd ft

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                  Rustic butternut                                     Rustic 3/4" Walnut                                Santos Rosewood


We have 5 types of Ebony:
  • Gabon
  • Macassar
  • Amara
  • Indian
  • Brown
Last week John and I were planing Amara Ebony when we came across these intriguing boards – perfect for jewelry boxes and similar.  Only 5 boards available at this time but we will look for more if you let us know your interest. Email us for enquiries and visit our website to see pricing

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            Special figured Amara Ebony                                    Same Amara Ebony boards - reverse side

Just in : super lightweight 8/4 Swamp Ash @ $15/bd.ft.  Come in and tap away and choose your own.

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                                                          Swamp Ash recently arrived
C P Thornton Guitars is having wonderful success with our very resonant Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC or Nootka Cedar).  Besides being good for necks, they also make a wonderful alternative for Electric Guitar bodies.  To hear the sound is to believe.  Go to Chuck Thornton’s website and be impressed.  (Maybe even place an order!)  We have AYC in plain sawn and vertical grain.
(From $12 / bd ft).  Email us for further information.

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                                                  Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Luthiers are raving about our African Blackwood fingerboards.  At $50 each they are expensive but the quality and tone make them special.  We have sold to some big name manufacturers so only have 46 left.  Email soon to book yours. 

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                         African Blackwood fingerboard finished by John McGuire

Local Woods

We have received good supplies of Cherry, Ash and Maple in all sizes – wonderful quality.
Local "extra special" woods

Our Birdseye and Curly Maple (Hard and Soft) and Flame Birch are always such good value that they should not be overlooked.  We even have some 8/4 stock.  The flame Birch is superb but the thicker Birdseye is always a bit "iffy".
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             High figure Birdseye Maple                                                              Flame Birch
What else to pique your interest?  Email us about Crotch Mahogany, Crotch Cerejeira, Kingwood, Tulipwood, Satinwood, Boxwood and any others that excite you.  We will try and respond promptly. 
Visit our website and go to the price list page to see a list of all our woods, thicknesses available and prices.

Special offer for Veterans
We have approximately 644 bd ft of Vietnamese Rosewood
that we bought 30 years ago. This special wood is available
to genuine Vets at a discount of 50% at $16.00 / bd ft – Something really special!

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                                                                      Vietnamese Rosewood

Yours in fine woodworking

  • In the interests of furthering our knowledge, we are conducting an experiment in spalting Hard maple with mushrooms, water and heat.  Not much joy as yet.  Do let us know your thoughts.  We have been to which is meant to be the guru of sites. 
  • A new wood book has been released this week. We believe it to be one of the best.  Amazon still have a few copies : Eric Meier  "Wood”.  ISBN 978-0-9822460-3-0.  I love Eric’s dedication – “ To Jesus – more than a carpenter”

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