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Amazing Crotch Mahogany

We have in stock approximately 5000 ft of the most unique mahogany anywhere in the world. This is genuine mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla) from the Amazonian jungles of Brazil.

Harvested approximately 15 years ago for the veneer trade, the best sheets of veneer were sliced off and we bought the “veneer remains”. These consist of pieces generally around 3ft tall, from about 20”-36” wide and varying in thicknesses from approximately 1” to about 4”, but mostly in the 2 to 3 inch range. Due to the nature of a crotch they are mainly semi triangular in shape and contain the normal defects associated with highly figured wood—it is not perfect and requires your skills to get the best out of it.

The wood is extremely dense (approx. 900kg per cubic metre) and rich red in color (goes almost dark walnut in color with oil and certain other finishes).

The most amazing thing of all is the low price of this wood – only $23 per board foot!

Compare this to the $675 per square metre (best quality) and $275 per square metre (medium quality) that my friend Alf Sharpe ( was quoted by a venerable Parisian firm for “veneer” and you will see that the solid wood costs approx 1/65 of the price of veneer. Alf and other quality woodworkers are seriously considering buying up lots of the solid wood and converting to thick veneer a la Krenov for use as and when required.

USES: Your imagination is the only limitation. Snap some up and be in a position to produce something unique and a tribute to your memory for years to come. And that’s over and above the more immediate joy of working with this wonderful artifact of nature.

In the meantime, I’ve included a few choice photos below to inspire you.



Bundles and bundles of glory


Admire the figure with or without water


Denatured alcohol or water really pops the grain


A beautiful pie-cut table top
A simple headboard insert
Some incredible speaker enclosures
..Or even an entire kitchen
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