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Newsletter – July 2015


Dear Woodlover

After the brutal Maine winter, we were delighted to get to some remote spots in our warehouses and unearth wonderful treasures from our stashes.

Pink Ivory

When we saw this bundle of mainly 2” material, the rich color, long lengths and wide widths blew my mind away.  With 95 tons of Pink Ivory on hand, we have whatever your heart desires – but remember, by its very nature, it is often defective and needs your loving care to bring out the best. 

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                           Bundle of 2" Pink Ivory                                                                    Look at this rich color!

Wild Olive

 Whilst on live edge masterpieces of nature, I cannot resist putting up these gorgeous pictures of nature’s mastery.  We have extensive inventory of wild olive in 1”, 1.5” and 2” boards (and a few logs for intrepid turners).  Send us an email if you would like more information on our inventory of this gorgeous wood.

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               A "bouquet" Olive!                                                   Olive with its beautiful character and figure


Enough with live edge - I want to introduce you to one of my favorite woods, normally only available in veneer form.  Email me for more information and to learn of the difficulties I had sourcing this species - a monumental task of 15 years but it sure was worth it.
A truly stunning exotic at a modest price.  We have sold it for guitars, high end floors and even a Russian Oligarch’s palace.

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Boire (Detarium Senegalensis)



Before returning to the mundane, Jenny often looks at me a little wide eyed as I walk around with some new item of wood with me.  This week it was this gorgeous piece of Tulipwood.  I just marvel at such superb colors and figure.
Both Kingwood and Tulipwood are defective, rare, expensive and stunning.  We have extensive stocks.  Email us about your needs and for more information about these two stunning woods.

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Maine’s own Exotics

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           Flame (Curly) Birch                            Birdseye Maple                       Birdseye Maple core

We have recently improved our supply line of thicker Birdseye Maple and are extremely proud of our supplies of 1”, 1.5” and 2” boards and interesting peeler cores (approx 7” in diameter).  The latter are perfect for legs for a conference table or desks.  Please email us for more details. 

Turners Corner

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     African Blackwood Clarinet Bells & Finger boards                                        

We do not profess to be leaders in wood turning supplies but we do have a wide range of suitable woods. We recently received some budget African Blackwood Clarinet Bells and 1.5” squares which should please you. African Blackwood this cheap allows you to try a normally expensive exotic without breaking the bank.  For ornamental turners, we have the best genuine Boxwood (Buxus)Castello Boxwood and high quality African Blackwood. For more information about any of these woods, please click here to send an email.
2 excellent wood turning sites we came across that you might like to view are:
 are and

For Luthiers

We have some wonderful African Blackwood fingerboards - highest tonal quality.  (Musos are raving about them).  Only 74 pieces are available at the moment.  Next shipment expected in 6 months.

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African Blackwood fingerboard with a finish
We have plenty of other interesting items like prime grade Spruce (Quartersawn at crazy low prices). Suitable for ribs and bandings.

Our educational foray for the year:



I am fascinated by spalting and am upgrading my knowledge.
We are currently undertaking our own experiment with 500 bd ft of Hard Maple and will keep you in the loop.

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                      Spalted Bubinga                                                                                     Spalted Euro Beech  is a source of good information on the subject of spalting. 
Fine Woodworking have a number of excellent articles on this process too.

If you have enjoyed this newsletter, please visit our website, swamp us with emailed enquiries to for your choice woods, or better still, visit us in Maine and imbibe the woody glory of our unique showroom and warehouses.

Yours in fine woodworking

Pink Ivory, African Blackwood, Birdseye Maple and much much more….

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