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Grading System
We source lumber from all over the world. Each mill uses its own grading system and some mills use no system at all. In an effort to standardize our grading somewhat, we have introduced our own proprietary grading system which is as follows:
“AAA”4 sides clear (some wane permitted).
“A”Better face clear, worse face may include minor defects (surface checks, knots, color variation, some sapwood).
“AB”Better face includes some limited defects (surface checks, knots, color variation, some sapwood).
“B”Significant defects on better face, but with good clear sections.
“C”Significant defects both faces, rustic grade.
**While we endeavor to be as consistent as possible in our grading, it can be rather subjective, especially across the different species we offer.  Please don’t purchase lumber based on our grading alone.
**Please read descriptions and check all images as closely as possible before making a purchase decision. If you require any further details on a specific piece, please don’t hesitate to ask us.
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