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Newsletter – September 2014


Dear Woodlover

"Prepare to meet thy maker?… or hopefully furniture makers!"
Nothing prepared me for a diagnosis of the " Big C" early this year followed by 4 months of treatment in Cape Town, South Africa.  However,  thankfully that is all history now and I am back in gorgeous Maine, fully recovered, climbing mountains, kayaking ponds and rivers and raring to go with one of the biggest selections of woods in the world!

On a lighter note, I attach a list of websites of world class furniture makers that I have met and you are sure to find interesting:

The nicest Flame Birch you have ever seen! Texas style quantities!
  • Buy 1 board and pay $8.50/bd.ft.
  • Buy 10 boards and pay $7.50 /bd.ft
  • Buy 1000 board feet and more and pay $5.50/ bd.ft
Look at these pictures and see why we are so excited!   Who needs imports when Maine produces this natural wonder? (Not forgetting gorgeous Birdseye and Curly Maple).
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The depth of the flame explains everything.                      Garrett Hack's exquisite flame birch table.

Read about curly or flame birch here as well as other curly woods here.

1.   Have a look at our superb Walnut burls @ $6.00/lb

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We seasoned in the snow..... and the soft Maine breezes!

Look what happened when we re-sawed them on our American Baker re-saw and used a little epoxy, oil and wax to finish.

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                   Walnut burl sliced on re-saw.                                A bit of epoxy and polish really
                                                                                      brings the wood to life.

2.   I am not sure that we can them burls but please do admire these Birdseye Maple peeler cores. Average of 7" in diameter and 7ft long. Priced at $250 each. (Speak to us about bulk discounts)

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What can they be used for ? – let your imagination be the winner!

As a sampler look at this Bubinga (African Rosewood) desk in my Cape Town office with peeler core legs.

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Both the Birdseye Maple cores and Walnut Burls will make brilliant legs to desks, tables or coffee tables.

  • Flame Birch. Some call it curly - but whatever you call it, it is gorgeous & available in 4/4 and 5/4 thicknesses.
  • Walnut burls. You have drooled at the pictures; now buy some and dream of that legacy project you will build for your daughter's wedding.
  •  Genuine Mahogany½” & 3/8 “. Sold by weight or per bundle only.  Excellent for your molded and bent furniture and maybe boxes.
  • Wild Olive
  • Pink Ivory
  • Macassar Ebony
  • Indian Satinwood
  • Tulipwood
  • Kingwood
  • Elm
We have plentiful stock of Kingwood, Tulipwood, Satinwood, Boxwood.  Some of these we sell in live edge, rustic form, allowing you the craftsman, to get maximum yield.
  • 300 lbs Genuine Mahogany.  3/8” or 1/2” veneer by-product:   $900/bundle. The approx number of ft in a bundle?  Your guess is as good as mine but for the right end use this is a bargain.
  • Walnut burls less 1/3 until Sept 15, 2014
  • Machines for sale - ancient classics to modern workhorse
  • This month’s deal:  Superb Timesaver American classic sander.  Lightly used. Model 137 2HD 60 ? with belts:   $15K or barter for wood.
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                                                Timesaver Sander for sale
  1. Mahogany by Jennifer L Anderson  - excellent history
  2. Mahogany Antique and Modern by W F Payson, 1926. 
  3. Piano: The making of a Steinway Concert Grand by James Barron.  Brilliant history of this American icon.
  4. Steinway and Sons by Dr Richard K Lieberman.   More of the same.
To be frank, I found all 4 books heavy going and they are for connoisseurs only.

Better than books this time is a superb wood database website.  Go to it for all your unusual wood queries.

Yes, we know we are out of the way but most people who visit us go away feeling exhilarated and inspired by our showroom display and huge inventory.
So pay us a visit soon, give us a call or drop us an email! 
Shipping is easy if you are just too far away to visit.

Yours in fine wood working

Rory Wood

Flame birch and much more! – see out latest news here:


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