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Newsletter – Fall 2016

Dear Woodlover

We are looking forward to Fall and Woodworking season.  When those Maple leaves start turning to glowing orange, red and gold, I know the woodworker squirrels will be contacting us for their winter supplies. 

…. And joy is what we will be bringing to you as we have imported some fine new stock:

  • Hormigo (with FSC certification)
  • Chechen (with FSC certification)
  • Katalox (with FSC certification)
  • Honduras Rosewood
  • Osage Orange
  • Arizona Ironwood half logs 
  • Morado 4/4 and 8/4
  • Cocobolo (Mexican) 4/4 and 8/4
  • Finger boards for guitars and bass in multiple species
Unusual stuff:

Osage Orange.  (Genuine Ohio, USA stock).  This tree is normally unusually small and scrubby and the wood renowned for making fence posts as the termites hate it.  It is also used for Native American bows and multiple other uses.  For more info click here. Seldom do you see slabs of these dimensions.  Call or email and ask for more detail and photos to enable you to plan your project.

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                                              Osage Orange slabs

 (Macacauba) and Chechen are both nicely figured with rosewood type colors on a budget-conscious price.  Available in 1” only but good widths and lengths.  They are seen more and more in acoustic guitars these days. For more info click on Hormigo and Chechen

Definitely worth considering for new projects.

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                                              Hormigo                                                                 Chechen

Katalox.  This species is somewhat new to me and is pretty exciting.  Some consider it the “new ebony” and call it Mexican ebony.  It is certainly hard and heavy and often tends to go very dark.  Then again some boards come in shades of brown, red and burgundy. For more info click here 

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                            Sometimes life is not easy......                                            Katalox

Our shipment was sold to us as FAS/FAS1F,  the highest grade..... but we were disappointed to find sapwood and sometimes borer holes.  (Try and claim on wood from Guatemala and the phone lines, faxes and emails go eerily quiet!!)  I guess on the bright side, we might get some guitar backs and sides and the sap is then considered a plus.  We live and learn… but at my age I would prefer more living and less learning!

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                                                Katalox air drying in the gentle Maine breeze....

Arizona Ironwood.  A new species for us and revered in the knife making craft. We have full logs and half logs (split along length) so that you have one flat surface to assist you in breaking your wood down.   $8 / lb  - great for all sorts of curios and knives but we must warn you that it sure is hard.

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                                                                         Arizona Ironwood 

Ebony    We are the kings with 8 different types!

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                          Gabon Ebony billets                                                                  Gabon Ebony boards

Buy a billet of this rare wood and have it ready for your fine woodworking when you need it   (and enjoy wrestling it through your bandsaw and other machines to maximize your yield.  It might even be a good investment as more and more species  go on the Cites list.

Machines for Sale  

We have a good variety of used machines – mostly super heavy duty, for sawmills and production processes.  See our list online or phone us for further details.

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New staffers:

Bob Putnam and Cliff Barnes have recently joined us and are doing an excellent job of making your visit to us more user-friendly - see the super new racks to display offcuts and hobby-sized pieces.

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Looking forward to hearing from you soon and supplying your unusual wood requirements.
Email us at, visit our website or give us a call at 207.364.1520 or 207.364.1073

Yours in fine woodworking

Rory Wood

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