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Mother lode of antique tools

Some people call them hoarders – in Maine we call them traders! Everyone is forever having yard sales, porch sales or garage sales and Craigslist and Uncle Henry’s are thriving. It seems to me (admittedly an outsider) that the same treasures (junk?) never leave the state, but seems to change hands often. I don’t know – perhaps it’s a unique new way of growing the economy????

So anyway in order to embrace my new identity as a Mainer, I have decided to join them and Rare Woods USA now boasts an incredible selection of antique tools from $5 bric-a-brac to a superb English patternmakers complete toolkit in a handmade tool box with top notch tools (including Sorby and Norris) from the days of cast steel. The kit even comes with a list of owners and photos. At $19,000 this is certainly not junk. Who knows, it may even wend its way back to the United Kingdom over time after a 60 year stay in South Africa and briefer sojourn in Rumford, Maine.

There are a multitude of treasures on our display tables including Liberty Bell wooden-based planes by Stanley, saws by Henry Disston, Millers Falls shaves, and piles upon piles of other bit of history.

Come and stake your claim on your treasures—we will even trade (preferably for wood, no mother-in-laws or wives accepted!).

tools10 sml
Superb patternmaker’s box
Plenty of solid mahogany levels and bygone quality here

tools1 sml tools7 sml tools8 sml tools9 sml

See those Stanley Liberty Bells?
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