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Newsletter – Spring 2016


Spring brings stunning figured woods!

We are awed by our first shipment of Black and White Ebony from Laos.  Extra care is required in drying but the end result is worth it as it has truly amazing figure!

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Arriving in freezing Maine                     Sculpture extraordinaire!                                    Epic guitar

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                                                               Collectors Infill Hand Plane

Read our info sheet here for more information on this stunning wood
Quartersawn Euro Steamed Beech from Germany.  We have received our new shipment of R & Q Beech.  It is fully FSC certified and your conscience can be clear as you work this sustainable wood – ideal for planes and measuring tools.  The extra steaming and quarter sawing are bonuses and this wood is as stable as beech gets. 

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                                                                Look at these flat, straight boards.

Satinwood, East Indian (Chloroxylon Swietenia). 
We have a new container due early April that includes 70% figured wood and 250 sets of Guitar Backs and Sides.
Book yours now!!
Ebony Black African Billets (Gabon and Nigerian).  Rarely do you see such sizes with no sapwood and few defects.  We are going to be selling these billets  @ $10/lb.  Have fun cutting your own components to minimize your waste. 

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                                                                        Ebony Billets

Mexican Cocobolo.  We have been fortunate to get a small shipment of boards and squares to supplement our Guatemalan Cocobolo.  However, some woodworkers do prefer the bold color change a small bit of sapwood can bring.

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                                                                      Figured Cocobolo

Bocote.  We have killer inventory in 1” and 2” boards and also have plenty of squares.

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                                       Bocote squares                                                  Bocote 1" board
Pernambuco.  We were amazed to receive some old stock genuine Pernambuco (Caesalpinia echinata ….) to supplement our Pernambuco substitute (Chakte Viga)     (Caesalpinia platyloba) .  I must admit to having difficulty in differentiating the two but I am sure the wood gurus appreciate the difference (and we have 3 violin bow blanks remaining in stock).
Mallets.  Look what we are making with our B-grade African Blackwood Bells.  We have a Mennonite Woodturner custom making these with Purpleheart and African Rosewood handles, reinforced with a stainless steel rod.  Only $50 each – purchase now and use beauty personified in a utility tool

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     African Blackwood Mallets with Purpleheart handle on left and African Rosewood handle on right

Chechen Wood.  A new item for us is Chechen Wood - some say the new Cocobolo.?????  But I withhold my comments until I have worked with it. – It is certainly better priced than Cocobolo.
New Stocks of Katalox (Mexican Ebony) and 2” Yellowheart also received.  Of course we have plenty of 1” boards.
Heads Up!
We will be away in South Africa on another Medical Vacation (nothing serious!) from April 10 until approx May 9th.  During this time Harry Powers will once again hold the fort ( A million thanks Harry!).  If possible please get your orders in before we leave.
Email us right away or call 207.364.1073 or 207.364.1520
If you intend visiting during the above period, please call Harry on 207.364.1073 to arrange an appointment.  We will continue to respond to emails at all times.

PS. Don't forget Maine’s own exotics !!

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              Flame Birch                            Birdseye Maple                                     Curly Maple

We have received new inventory of superb Flame Birch, Birdseye and Curly Maple.
Plenty thick and wide enough for book matching Guitar Backs and sides.

Book Recommendation:

Why We Make Things and Why it Matters: The Education of a Craftsman by Peter Korn

I recently enjoyed this memoir by Peter Korn.  We listened to the audio book on a long car journey and I can recommend this format but of course it is available in book or Kindle version too.  Peter has had an amazing influence on studio furniture and teaching of fine woodworking.  His determination and courage have resulted in the creation of one of the finest wood schools in the world - The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine.

Video Recommendation:
The Last Log Drive
Pity I was 40 years too late to experience this!  Many of the locals I meet fondly reminisce about this simpler but harder period of life.

Yours in Fine Woodworking



Spring brings exciting new woods –

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