Welcome to the part of the site dedicated to our huge stock of rare and exotic lumber from around the world, painstakingly assembled from 30 years of sourcing trips to six of the seven continents (we'd have gone to Antartica too if we thought there was a good deal to be had or interesting timber to be sourced).

Soon we will be adding information to the site on all 150+ species that we stock, as well as a number of interesting articles on some of the stand-out timbers in our collection, including the following specialities:

  • Boxwood
  • Bubinga
  • Kingwood
  • Pink Ivory
  • East Indian Satinwood
  • Wild Olive
  • Zebrawood
In the meantime, please review our price list and contact us if you have any questions or specific enquiries. You may also find it interesting to have a quick read of our blog (and do feel free to comment). We are using it as a way of keeping our customers informed as to all of the exciting goings on at Rare Woods USA.

Our Stockholding

Our aim with Rare Woods USA has always been to offer the broadest range of exotics ever assembled in the USA (and the world for that matter), and to offer them in the widest range of sizes, grades and lengths.

By carrying an enormous inventory in most species we can ensure that your project - whether a novelty  such as a belt buckle, earring, or pen blank, a luxury condo in Aspen, or the entire interior of a seven star hotel - can always be finished on time, with no delays due to stock-outs.

Most exotic wood dealers will carry a little of this and a little of that, but we carry Texas-sized inventory in most woods. For example:

  • 35,000 board feet of Brazilian Kingwood
  • 20,000 board feet of Tulipwood 
  • 5,000 board feet of Satinwood
  • 25,000 board feet of Zebrawood
  • 15,000 board feet of Wenge
  • Four types of Ebony totaling 15,000 board feet
  • 15,000 board feet of Bubinga
  • Five types of Mahogany
  • Six types of Rosewood
  • 15,000 board feet of stunning Wild Olive
  • 40,000 board feet of Pink Ivory - reportedly the rarest wood in the world (Yes - we do also carry Snakewood!)
  • 35,000 board feet of genuine Boxwood
  • 60,000 board feet of Curly and Birdseye Maple
And this is just a fraction of our 180 species inventory.

Whilst we don't neglect local woods such as cherry, walnut and maple, our emphasis is on the rare and precious woods from sustainable sources. With this in mind, we do not carry building woods such as two by four spruce and fir (although with our contacts we are always willing to assist in a pinch), but we do carry quarter cut old growth fine grain Douglas fir.

We hope you can come an experience this wealth of beautiful timber for yourself soon. In the meantime please ring us or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   though any enquiries you may have.


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