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Tobias lochner

Born in Zambia and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, I have been converting big bits of lumber into small bits of lumber since the age of 8. I knew the founder of Rare Woods well, having bought my first pieces of Black Walnut and Mahogany from Rory somewhere in the early 1980’s here in Cape Town, South Africa.  I am still a regular client. 

My passion is for 18th and 19th century American and European reproduction pieces and French style marquetry. I write on woodworking for the South African version of Popular Mechanics and other local publications both online and in print. I love to teach and regularly hold one-on-one specialist classes in hand tool woodworking in my woodshop. 

When Brendan first approached me about writing the Woodworker Sessions Series for Rare Woods USA, I must admit that I was quite hesitant, but he managed to twist my rubber arm!  I sincerely hope that the series grows from strength to strength and we  showcase many wonderful woodworkers that are hiding behind their woodpiles!

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