Ebony - Indian

Indian Ebony is a true ebony which has been commonly used as a substitute for Gabon Ebony, due to its similar aesthetics. With a jet black base, occasional brown to muted orange striping (from mineral deposits) and a sap which can range from pale yellow to tan, one could certainly be forgiven for mistaking one for the other. That said, Indian Ebony is an exotic wood in very short supply — more so even than Gabon. Its grains are generally straight or irregular, and its texture is fine. It has a high natural oil content, which yields a high degree of luster.

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    Our Indian turning blanks come in range of sizes and are excellent quality lumber.

    The sizes are all rough-guides, but are basically accurate.

    If you have very strict size criteria, please just drop us an email to confirm they will meet your expectations.

    The photographs are representative of the stock you will receive.  You won’t necessarily receive surfaced blanks.