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Grain Pattern

Cedar (Western Red)

Cedar (Western Red)
Cedar (Western Red) Cedar (Western Red) Cedar (Western Red) Cedar (Western Red)
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Botanical name: Thuja plicata

Family: Cupressaceae

Distribution: Pacific Northwest of America

Very lightweight timber, with corresponding low strength. Not used in load holding situations. Machines and finishes easily.

Description and uses:
Lightweight, very durable timber suitable for cladding, shingles, pergolas etc. Lovely spicy smell when being worked. The premier wood for building stripper canoes and kayaks due to its lightness and durability. Contains extractives which ensure long life. A lot of the early Bergvliet houses built post war had WRC shingles for roofing.

Applications Shopfitting,Boatbuilding,Outdoor,Cladding,Musical Instruments
Colour Yellow / Pink
Grain Pattern Even
Workability Easy

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